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honda beat modifikasi

Automotive world is full of dynamics, both in terms of vehicle development and technology, as well as the perpetrator's own automobile. Today, too many emerging matic motors new, very tight persaingannyapun among producers, the rider was not only dominated by men.

With the rise of the motor market and the automotive and perpetrators of the lovers or Hobies automotive automotive club is more established, many of the positive values are distributed from the formation of motorcycle clubs such. In terms of the business was no one harmed.

For Honda Beat Club was formed as a container community facilities among users Hospitality Honda Beat, as well as develop positive hobbies automotive sector by sharing knowledge and experience in driving with a Honda Beat.

That is one sentence quoted from the declaration Honda Beat Club.


Honda Beat: Motor Gaul

Honda Beat was issued by the manufacturer, PT ASTRA HONDA MOTOR (AHM), exactly in June 2008 which then inevitably the presence of these motors were also inspired the user to set up a Honda Beat Honda Beat Club, known as the Honda Beat Club.

By establishing a motorcycle club and a well-respected professional, Honda Beat Club in the early step way to make a mailing list / mailing list:

The next step is to KOPDAR or "Kopi Darat" in early on October 10, 2008 in front of the statue of archery Senayan, JL.Asia Africa, South Jakarta. The event was diilanjutkan with a brochure to recruit members.

Nothing feels, if month June 2009 Beat the presence Honda has entered the age of one year. This motor is a motor scooter market enliven duck matic (skubek matic) which is increasingly favored by the people of Indonesia. Though Honda has issued his own before skutik Vario.

Along with time and increasing Honda Beat club members, either through direct mailing and registration when Kopdar, a Honda Beat is now increasingly popular. Well, this time there is nothing wrong if we want to know more closely with the Honda Beat Club.

Through social networking online is now more popular, so call it facebook is easy to find Honda Beat Club Chairman, namely Putra Hendra Bro.

A number of questions were immediately sent and the answer was accepted a day later. Here are some answers given by Bro Hendra Putra:

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